I will now be able to tell my husband how to use social media networking sites to gain more customers.  I can use the advice that was given in an article that I read, “How to Use Social Networking Sites to Drive Businesses”. If this is something that you are also interested in I will provide a link at the end of this page.

            The article mentions that Facebook has over 300 million users. This is why Facebook is a great networking site. You can gain the attention of a lot of people. LinkedIn is another site that has a lot of people signed up. The article mentions that there are fifty five million users on that site. The only problem is, are you able to handle all of that traffic.

            I am not all that great with computers let alone networking sites. I would probably stay on the computer all day trying to figure out how to work it. My husband really doesn’t know how to do this so I will be the one stuck with this assignment. The article had a great idea related to that though; they suggested getting an intern who will do it for free. Most college graduates will do it for free just to gain the experience.

            Having a networking site is very beneficial. The article is great at giving suggestions on what to do, what to expect, and what you possibly gain out of it. It gives you basic questions to ask yourself before you get started such as, “What are the needs of my business? What am I using the site for? Whose attention am I trying to get?  Which sites do I want to take on?” (McCorvey, 2010) So if this information seems to be helpful to you, follow this link http://www.inc.com/guides/using-social-networking-sites.html There is a lot of useful information in the article that will help you decide whether you should use social networking sites.


McCorvey, J. (2010, January 25). How to Use Social Networking Sites to Drive Businesses. Retrieved May 2013, 06, from inc.com: http://www.inc.com/guides/using-social-networking-sites.html


             I will now be able to



                So I came across an article that speaks of Crowdfunding. Never heard of it? Well neither did I. It is on the Forbes website and if you read it, it will give you a quick insight of what it is. If you are a person that has a strong business project that relates to food, film, technology, or games then this is something that you might be interested in.

            My husband is a business man who has is own moving company and at one point had his own retail store where he sold used appliances, furniture, and more. This was no easy task and the longer that he had it, the more difficult it became. The moving company was a success from the beginning and he had no problems with it at all. The store was something completely different. We now had two mortgages, two light and gas bills, two water bills, employee’s, licenses, and more. It was no secret that we needed help, even though both of us were working the bills continuously came in. Initially he had an investor which was my sister in law and let’s just say that it did not last long. 

        The article say’s to gain fans and he had plenty of those but at the same time we thought my sister in laws investments would be enough so he didn’t look any further for any funding and he didn’t want to ask anyone else and neither did I. The article speaks of this also. “When was the last time you asked someone for money? The feeling can be one of humiliation or of fear. Our society doesn’t look kindly on those who come begging for money—especially if they don’t appear to need it”. (Bliss, 2013) The bottom line is those who do not ask, do not receive. This is where our downfall was. My husband is a strong willed, intelligent, hardworking, prideful man that never liked to ask anyone for money. It was hard enough for him to ask his own family. The article says that it is the risk taker that succeeds, and that is just a risk that we will take next time.

        This Crowdfunding is something that I will definitely be interested in investing into, or them invest into us. I would have to say that this is a great idea and it will bring people closer together as we support one another. It will leave a good feeling in your heart as well. My advice to you is to check it out and maybe even give what you can on a project that you feel is good.


Bliss, R. (2013, January 30). 5 Great Tips From Kickstarter: Boost Tommorow’s Business. Retrieved April 23, 2013, from Forbes.com: http://www.forbes.com/sites/netapp/2013/01/30/kickstarter-crowdfunding-tips/


Help Network Connections

            I have been working in retail for the past 10 years and all of my current friends are from there. Some of them are still employed in retail and some of them have moved on to other positions. With that being said, I am now no longer working there and currently seeking employment in the medical field, where I do not know anybody. I am completing my last class, Workplace Communication, and I have learned about a lot of networking tools, resume tips, and interview tips. These tools have helped me tremendously. The only issue that I am having now is how get connections that will help me gain a position in the healthcare world. I am definitely going to need some help because every position I would like to apply for states that they need someone who has experience. I don’t have any experience and I cannot get none unless someone is willing to give me a chance to show my skills.

            The article that I have read “4 Smarter Ways to Work Your Connections” (Tobak, 2013) gives great tips on how to build your connections and how to keep them. The article states that you should keep up with casual conversations that are short because people are busy. I completely agree with that and I believe when I do start to get to know people, I will be hesitant to call because I am not the type of person that likes to bother others.

            I have become a member of the AAPC and when I start going to the chapter meeting I will have the opportunity to start meeting people that are in the field I am trying to get into. This is something that should help me and I will use the other information in the article to do the rest. For someone that is in the same position that I am in, there is some great advice so try to take the time to read the article.  

Tobak, S. (2013, January 29). 4 Smarter Ways to Network Connection. Retrieved May 14, 2013, from INC.com: http://www.inc.com/steve-tobak/4-ways-to-make-your-network-work-for-you.html

Do you Retweet or Not?

         Seth Godin has very little to say but great advice at the same time. I am a bit confused though when I read the answer to the social media question, “What’s the right mix for social networking”? (James, 2013) Godin answers, “Comment less, contribute more, retweet none”. (James, 2013) I have read a lot of articles regarding social media and I have found that most of them say the complete opposite. The other articles suggest that you engage with your customers and to retweet often. That does make more sense to me because you are letting your current and potential customers know that you are listening to them and that you hear what they are saying. That says a lot for any company especially a small business. I am a consumer myself and it is one thing to say that you are for the customer; you care about what the customer thinks and value their opinions but I will need you to show me that you care. Social media has worked great to promote businesses and they are also good at providing special offers; with that being said it is also a great way to give the consumers feedback. You can keep contributing but that will not keep your customers coming back. You can contribute less but if you show your customer that you care about what they have to say and you value their opinions, concerns, and complaints they will still continue to come back and also give good referrals.

            Small businesses are not an easy task. I know about this firsthand. My husband has owned his own business for seven years now. He has a Moving Company that is doing alright right now without using social media. The reason for this is because neither one of us have engaged in these sights. I often help him out with his business and it is hard considering the time that it takes, so in order to be successful with the social media sites we would need more time or we would have to hire someone to do the work for us, which is not an option right now. When it does become an option, I would want the person that is responsible for it to take the time to retweet and comment on what people are saying, especially to say “Thank You” if nothing else. Well it gives you something to think about.


James, G. (2013, January 30). Seth Godin: Why Small Businesses Fail. Retrieved May 14, 2013, from INC.com: http://www.inc.com/geoffrey-james/seth-godin-why-small-businesses-fail.html

Credit Checks

            Credit checks, are they a good tool to find a good employee. Absolutely NOT! I am a person that does not have the best credit and currently seeking employment. If a credit check had that much impact on employment, well then I will never get hired. Nobody wakes up one day and says, “I think I will mess up my credit today”. There is always a reason behind it and it usually isn’t a good one.

            Just because you have a low credit score or some missed and unpaid payment doesn’t mean that you cannot be an asset to a company. It also doesn’t mean that you will steal from a company either. There is more of a reason that a person needs a job; so they can start to make payments on some of those bills.

            I was a manager for a large retail store for 10 years. I had access to over $300,000 at a time. If I wanted to take it, I wouldn’t have to do anything but unlock the two doors that I came in and out of all day, put the money in a bag or my pockets and walk on out the door without any suspicions. While working at this company, I had some of the most financially hardest times of my life. One time I was almost evicted from my house and I never once thought to steal money from the company.

             I could understand why a company would run a credit check on some positions such as a financial advisor, but for anyone else, there is no reason. I believe that this is another way to keep the poor, poor, and the rich, rich. The rich ones are the ones that need to be looked after to begin with. They are not going to go after a measly $300,000, they would prefer to go after millions, and it doesn’t have to come from a company; they would gladly steal from innocent people and children. (Detroit Public School officials) So before a company decides to go after the people that had to make difficult choices in their lives, they should consider the reasons for the inconvenience and maybe lift a helping hand.


Martin, A. (2012, April 09). As a Hiring Filter, Credit Checks Draws Questions. Retrieved May 06, 2013, from NYTimes.com: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/10/business/10credit.html?pagewanted=1&_r=0


Tweet, Tweet, Tweet!!!

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Good Things to Tweet

            There are many different social networking sites that you are able to visit and chat with other people. The two most common one that I notice just about everyone uses is Facebook and Twitter. I have said before that I am no expert at using these sites although I do understand the concept of both. I have read an article regarding things you should tweet and it relates to companies and businesses. It has pretty good information that makes a lot of sense if you are a person or company that would like to build your clientele; or if you work for a company and would like to give good reviews or discuss some of the services that you have to offer, these are great places to do so.

            I have noticed that even though they are both social networking and media sites, Twitter and Facebook have some different features. With Facebook you are able to go on and on with what you would like to say and with Twitter you are only able to have 140 characters and that includes spaces. One thing that might start out to be difficult is understanding what some letters mean. I found that RT mean re-tweet. People are using creative ways to break down words so that they are able to say more. Another thing that is hard to understand is the use of the “Hashtag” and “@with someone’s user name”. I was smart and had my two teenage daughters help me out with that. If you do not have someone to help you it is ok because Twitter has help offered on their page and you can also use Google to find step by step instructions and explanations.

            It is no secret that using social media sites are a great way to help any business. The article “10 Things You Should Tweet” talks about how you should use Twitter to share links for information that relates to your business. Example: “If you sell health-related products, then link to news stories or tips on wellness”. (Gelberg, 2012) Another good advice tip is to regularly check your Twitter account to see what other people are tweeting regarding your company. This way if someone is speaking about your company in a negative way you can respond to them quickly to clear up the situation. You definitely don’t want anyone tweeting bad about you.

            If this sounds interesting to you or you would like to visit the article just follow this link: http://www.inc.com/jon-gelberg/10-things-you-should-tweet.html


Gelberg, J. (2012, June 5). Twitter for Business: 10 Things You Should Tweet. Retrieved April 30, 2013, from http://WWW.inc.com: http://www.inc.com/jon-gelberg/10-things-you-should-tweet.html